Pneumatic dual station Ironing machine JC-8A-1(large format)

Item No.: JC-8A-1 80X100cm
1. Using pneumatic hot stamping, the pressure can reach 8kg/cm ², Adjustable;
2. Adopting a double-sided push-pull workbench, it is easy to operate Ironing Fast speed;
3. The heating plate is thickened, evenly heating, not easily deformed, can thermal t
Technical characteristics
1.Pneumatic heat press machine with a changeable pressuredevice for adjusting pressure from 8kg/cm²;
2.Employ double-side and push-pull worktable to save laborand for high transfer speed.
3.This machine has alarge worktable that can transfer largeimages to tablecloths, dresses, umbrellas etc

Technical parameters
Printing size(CM2): 80x100 100x120 120x150
Voltage (V): 220/380 (3 phase) 220/380 (3 phase) 220/380 (3 phase)
Power(KW): 12 14 18
Temperature range(℃): 0-260 0-260 0-260
Time range (S): 0-999 0-999 0-999
Weight(KG): 235 600 750
Packing size(CM)LxWxH: 150x104x165 170x122x165 201x152x169
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