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Touchscreen ——a panel that can be operated remotely!

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Update time : 2023-08-10 21:17:00
Time is progressing, technology is progressing, it's time for us to progress too.
After years of R&D and production experience, we can finally view or manipulate the roller heat transfer machine remotely, just a cell phone, connected to the network, touch screen connected to WiFi, you can easily set the roller parameters remotely through the cell phone, blowing the air conditioning in the office, no longer need to employees close to kinda set the parameters of the blazing heat of the roller.
We are more convenient to monitor, set, operate and maintain the target equipment.

Cell phone remote control technology, more convenient to manage and use the equipment, improve efficiency and convenience, higher security, easier to maintain the equipment.

Nowadays, touch screens are widely used in various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, ATMs, etc., making the interaction between users and devices more intutive and convenient. We do not want our touch screen still need to be close to the control, so that employees in the summer quite the roller emitting blazing heat, close work.
Nowadays, we help our customers to solve more problems through the cell phone remote control technology, so that the work becomes easier and more efficient.

We welcome new and old customers to experience our factory, so that you can buy and use with peace of mind!
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